The Raghvendra Vijaya Series

Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru: Brief Introduction

Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru was one of the greatest devotees of Sri Rayaru. His life is a miracle of Sri Rayaru. To give a brief background , Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru in his childhood was very naughty and  irresponsible. His father was a great Sanskrit Pandit.The childhood badness continued and it grew in his youth.He started to live a totally useless life,doing nothing and always stayed with bad company of friends.Once  some person in the town screamed at him saying "If you were my son,I would have killed you. You are born to  wrong parents,who are so humble and are devotees of God... look at you !". These wordings brought light to his life and Dasaru started to realized his mistake

Dasaru decide to surrender himself to KulaSwami MukhyaPrana Devaru to bestow him the power of knowledge.He started the sincere seva. After some time,HanumanthDevaru got pleased with seva , came in Dasaru's dream saying, "Guru Rayaru will bless you and change your life". PranaDevaru asked him to return to his home and wait for GuruRaya.

He went home. Eventually ,  during a night Rayaru came in Dasaru's dream and put His(Rayaru's)  hands on the head of Dasaru. From that moment , the Brahma Gynaya flowed into Dasaru. Dasaru became a Pandita and famously known as "Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru" in the HariDasa Koota.

[ Note : Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru lived during 19th century, please do not confuse him with Sri Jagannath Dasaru,the author of HariKathamruthaSara. ]

In the HariDasa Sahitya no one wrote more Krutis about Sri Rayaru than Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru.

His work contains

Here are some of the works written by Dasaru about Sri Rayaru

Raghvendra Vijaya

In Kannad Dasaru wrote "Raghvendra Vijaya". I would like describe these in this Raghvendra Vijaya Series. It has got Nine Sandhis.

The structure of the each series is as follows , begins with the Background of the Sandhi then meaning of the Kannada poem and finally ends with a poem. The poem is what I composed.It is my punya to present this series.

Sri Jagannath Dasaru in his work , Sri Raghavendra Vijaya has described the way in which we have to propitiate and attain the required things in life from Sri GuruRaghavendra. A close associate of Sri Rayaru depicted the facts with honest devotion. The whole Bhakta Koti Salutes with gratitude to SriGuruJagannath Dasaru.

The devotees of Sri Rayaru must know the sanctity, divinity and omnity of Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru. A pure heart and mind can only achieve the blessings of Sri GuruRaghavendra. The First chapter of Sri Raghavendra Vijaya explains the same.

While performing seva-pradakshina , we have to do these without any preoccupied mind of hatred and jealous to others. Then only that seva is dear to Sri Rayaru. The blessings will reach only to the pure hearts. The pure hearts will definitely achieve the fullest blessings of Sri Rayaru. This is highlighted in Sri Raghavendra Vijaya.

Hence the punya of Sri GuruJagannath Dasaru is really great.

It is my privilege and punya of my previous birth that I got this opportunity to present the Sri GuruJagannathaDasaruís RAGHAVENDRAVIJAYA ,in the form of poems.My salutations to all the devoted readers. If there is anything worth ,the credit goes to Sri GuruJagannathaDasaru. If error and faults are there, they are of mine. I appeal to all the noble readers to forgive

- Raghvendra Patwari